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This has been a very eventful planetary period to say the least. Leo lords the 12th house of losses in the chart and contains the manifested image of the career and Sun is placed 8th to the AL which sets up for tough times from an image point of view but Sun is placed favourably in the 4th house and hemmed by benefics and contains the Arudha of 7th house and gets aspect from poweful Jupiter which has a protective effect.

Nonetheless, Tiger lost his father during Sun planetary period which was a bit emotional strain for him given the close relationship they had and as can be seen from the chart as well. During Sun-Mercury-Venus period Tiger played the greatest game of his life but Mercury is lord of the Arudha of the 8th house and placed in Capricorn sign so also resulted in a knee injury and layoff. Tiger is currently in Sun-Ketu period and similar to Venus-Ketu period as discussed before this is a time for hard work and transformation and wins are difficult to come by and it is a time for frustration as can be seen from his current play.

Tiger managed one win during Sun-Ketu-Rahu dasha but it was very hard faught and the other player, Sean O Hair had a bit of a collapse in his game. Tiger did not catch such a break during the Masters tournament in and finshed outside the winner circle again. Well, nothing really. Astrologically speaking, Tiger is going through a cycle where he has to deal with some karmic debts and usually such a time is a bit frustrating but highly transformational.

The good news for all golf fans is that Tiger's Sun-Venus period starts from June 11, and it promises to activate various raja yogas or combinations of greatness in the chart again which should make him a strong contender at the US Open and rest of the tournaments and majors in the year. Looking at other planetary combinations associated with the chart, the period from June-September would be a build up in form and the months of September to December are very favourable and he will come back to his dominant form that all golf fans are used to. I closely follow the teachings of Sri Jagganath Center and Pt.

Even Rahu gives pilgrimages if in the tenth in the natal chart or from the Narayana dasa sign. For example, Chanakya alias Kautilya is the famous author of Arthashastra, a treatise on politics and government. This automatically affects the status ruled by the tenth house.

Pt. Sanjay Rath on Marriage & 12th house in Vedic Astrology

Similarly, success automatically brings more business and associates, besides keeping the spouse happy. Ones boss, guru, or lady luck ruled by the ninth house does matter in ones career.

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The 12 th house rules final emancipation and meditation. Bad actions in the tenth house will reflect adversely on the 12 th house and moksha will be denied in the long term while sleep could be adversely hampered in the short term. A fine solution to this negative cycle would be to take up transcendental meditation TM.

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The fifth house is the eighth from the tenth house representing birth beginning and longevity time of implementation of an action 10 th house. The Sixth house rules service and the seventh house rules business. A stronger seventh house gives a business enterprise.

Similarly, the sixth lord promotes service while the seventh lord promotes business. The boss is seen from the ninth house while the subordinates are seen from the fifth house. During the period of a malefic planet having papargala malefic obstruction on the ninth house, one is tormented by the boss or ex-boss while a benefic having subhargala benefic intervention shall give a very good and helpful boss.

The eight house will show retirement; the third house shows short leave while the 12 th house shows long leave. The ascendant lord in the ninth house makes a person very independent he likes to be his own boss and business is best advised in such charts or employment with a lot of scope for independent work. In simpler words, the starting of any business is determined by the finance available.

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The Moon shows fluc-tuation of fortunes and success in public dealings, water or liquids, emotional views and changeable of work etc. Saturn indicates rapid rise and fall, hard work. Ketu indicates routine job. In this manner, the standard texts provide considerable information on the results of the planets in the tenth house based on the nature of the planet. If the Sun or Jupiter is in the tenth house, the argala on the ninth house is very favorable and will promote father, guru and good fortune.

This will simultaneously destroy the evil effects of malefic planets in the ninth house. Saturn will cause many downturns in fortune and life will be a battle of sorts. However, Saturn will have subhargala on the 12th house of which it is a significator and the native could learn spiritual practices like Pranayama that will be very beneficial.

Ketu in the 10th house will also have papargala on the ninth house but it will have a subhargala on the 12th house of final emancipation ketu is mokshakaraka. This will lead the native into the spiritual path and teach meditation etc.

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Planets in these houses will have a direct bearing on the functioning of the native. If ill disposed, ones business will run into endless debt and ruin. Sagittarius Publications Sagittarius Publications is the publisher and distributor the popular quaterly magazine the Jyotish Digest, as well as many thorough books on the subject of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish. Love And Domestic Life mysticscripts. It is evident that the tenth lord is the most influential planet in the chart as the tenth house is the most potent house for any planet to be placed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. But can it also give permanent foreign residence?

Malefic planets in the tenth have papargala on the sixth house and can destroy the signification of the sixth house. For example, if Ketu is in the tenth house, it could be very malefic for dogs and such pets while Saturn can create many enemies.

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Mercury or Venus in the tenth house can be a blessing for business. However, Ketu or Mercury in the tenth will make the native very fickle minded. If the planet in the ascendant is friendly to the planet in the tenth house, then the native has job satisfaction, and if inimical, there will be a lot of dissatisfaction. Thus the argala of the ascendant on the tenth house can promote or damage the prospects of the tenth house because of personal desires and whims. The eleventh house has dhanargala wealth intervention on the tenth house.

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With the analysis of Paka Lagna (ascendant) in the birth chart one can get to know if he are given along with the name of the Vedic Paka Lagna and the Paka Lagna details. . Tags ascendant Jyotish Lagna lagna calculator vedic astrology. Lagna, Paka Lagna & Arudha Lagna (Pt. Sanjay Rath) . -Mars& Ketu), Juiter in Aquarius or Scorpio gives considerable ability for astrology.

Thus, incentives like bonus can make a dent on the performance. The eighth house has labhargala on the tenth house. Thus, it determines the end of a work or career. The eleventh house from any bhava has the responsibility of finishing it. This has been aptly stated by Maharishi Jaimini in the stanza Tanou tana danda hara meaning the sixth is the house of punishment and the sixth from the sixth 11th house is the destroyer Hara. There are neither real enemies nor any real diseases in this illusionary world.

These are only means for the Lord to punish us for our sins. Paka Lagna. Lagna Calculator NEW. Arudha Lagna NEW. Bhava Lagna NEW. Ghati Lagna NEW. Hora Lagna NEW. Indu Lagna NEW. Paka Lagna NEW. Pranapada Lagna NEW. Sree Lagna NEW. Upapada Lagna NEW. Varnada Lagna NEW.