Gemini november 20 birthday horoscope

Birthday Horoscope November 20th

You are known to be a great people person. You are known to be an energetic, passionate, and focused individual. The problem is you have a tough time focusing on one thing, and carrying it all the way through. It seems like something bigger, better, and more attractive always comes your way. You are capable of tremendous success and victories in your life. The problem is you never allow yourself to achieve that level of effectiveness because you give into your extremely curious nature.

You are very fickle-minded. It seems that you have made up your mind and have decided to do one thing. Once people depend on you to follow through, you drop everything.

Born On The 20th? (Numerology Of 20)

This is very annoying and you often lose friends and teammates because of this. This also applies to your attitude towards your relationships. If there is any personal flaw you need to work on, it is this. You need to be able to start something and carry it all the way through.


This actually explains quite a bit around you because you are extremely unstable, as far as your interests go. You may not be unstable emotionally or mentally, but your focus can be very unstable. Life is all about long processes which require quite a bit of consistent effort.

Pluto is your main planetary influence. Pluto is very distant and, given that distance, unknowable. Not surprisingly, you bounce from job to job. You abandon one relationship after another. Focus on doing an excellent job with whatever it is you have already committed to. Take baby steps. This can be quite uncomfortable at first, but the more victories you rack up and the longer you stay in there to do a good job, the more you will get used to it.

The lucky color for those born on this day is red-orange. This color projects aggression, passion, and energy. When it comes to really, really short term projects, you are on fire.

What This Week's Horoscope Means for You

We come to rely on our partners over time, especially as we lower our defences and let them into our hearts and minds more and more. This can be a beautiful process, but we can also become reliant on our partners to fulfill us a little to excess. You are attractive, gracious and loyal. You make good lovers as well as life-partners.

Sun enters Scorpio

Those born on this zodiac birthday May 20 will not compromise their freedom although they want a committed relationship. Finding a balance has been a challenge for the Gemini.

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Sometimes your expectations can be extreme for people who are not of your standard. Do You Have Good Karma?

November 20 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! If one is lucky enough to have captured the interest of this Gemini, you should be attentive, reliable and imaginative. This will keep the Twin on his or toes. The May 20th Gemini birthday person likes to discover little hints of seduction in the most surprising places.

Daily horoscope

If You Were Born Today, November You are a dedicated, family-loving person who is loyal to loved ones. Your personality is highly intuitive. Scorpios born November 20, symbolized by the Scorpion, are truthful, loyal, and complex. Learn more about November 20 birthday astrology.

Your lover will never be dissatisfied in or out of the bedroom. However, the Twin can be stubborn and sensitive to criticism. If today is your birthday, you have an abundance of energy and ambitions. When your loved ones seek advice, you tend to set a few goals for them as well. The May 20 birthday astrology predictions show that prospective career choices may be a mix of hobbies, values, and abilities.

Making a choice can be difficult. This Gemini is versatile but like privacy. You believe your work should be kept separate from your personal life, as they are different. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

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You are also pretty good at handling your finances. The May 20th birthday personality is a health-conscious Twin. As a result of this, you radiate a picture of good health. You love the way your clothes look on your toned body.

Everyone is surprised by your age. This inspires you to keep going. The feedback lets you know you are doing something right. Test Now! This May 20 Gemini birthday person sticks to traditional methods such as organic foods and the use of rainwater. You stay away from sodas or sugary products and use fruit when appropriate to accent your drinks with flavor and color.

Typically, you do not have many health issues.

Good job! The May 20 birthday characteristics show that you have your charisma, versatility, and are talkative. Although people come to you for advice, you can be critical.

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Your restless nature has mounds of energy so you seek changes that could help other people, but you tend to leave a project unfinished. But you are usually very healthy people. Your ruling planets are planet Venus and planet Mercury Venus : symbolizes your artistic temperament, feelings, pleasures, finance, income and materialistic gains. Mercury : symbolizes how you communicate and interact with people. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Judgement. This card shows it is time to wake up and make some important decisions in your life.