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With a strong desire to explore their options, they might get preoccupied with intellectual spheres of contact and communication, forgetting how important sexual side to their bond really is. They need a partner who will make them smile, someone well-grounded with a similar energy that allows them both to see the sensitivity of contact behind each other's fire. They will function best in adventurous relationships that give them freedom to expand their knowledge and horizons.

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Very often, they will fall in love in school, college, or their workplace, since they feel like the path of life is meant to be inclusive for all variables needed for happiness, every step of the way. A person born on November 3rd excels working with foreigners and different views and religions. They are cartographers and travelers, journalists and photographers, and all those who teach and learn through their own teaching. They will handle big projects and expensive things incredibly well, especially when they have the right team to rely on, where people share their way of thinking and understand the direction they wish to take.

When they nurture their faith, no matter if they found it in a specific religion or not, they give a true sense of belonging to other people too. The right healing crystal for someone born on December 3rd is bastnasite, a stone to help with adaptation to change and manifesting one's dreams and visions into reality. It is known to boost creativity in the material world, helping them find a way to ground their thoughts and their extensive beliefs and find their place in manifested reality. Aiding the release of fear and unconscious patterns that hold them back, it clears the space for movements towards one's desires.

Supportive of healing with plants, it gives a fine connection with passive and essential elements of nature that these individuals need to create inner balance. Your best bet for a birthday gift for someone born on December 3rd is a journey to a faraway land. If this exceeds your financial opportunities and the character of your bond, take them somewhere high, on a mountain top, go paragliding or choose a big fluffy stuffed animal for their bedroom.

They will love a large pillow, a piece of art that is meaningful and stands as a metaphor for their own beliefs, or a day spent in the forest where their mind can unwind. This full moon is a super moon, which means its orbit is very close to earth. Your emotions might feel larger. There are opportunities for deeper releases. Illumination and insights might be popping and crackling. This full moon is in Gemini; the sun is in Sagittarius. This is an excellent time for wrapping up loose ends, finishing up a project, or turning inwards.

Clear communication must be highlighted here. Be self-reflexive: examine the ways in which you communicate to others.

Do you really need to fight that battle? Pause before speaking about complicated subjects. Slow down; re-read your emails or texts before you send them.

This full moon might have you buzzy and feeling wired and possibly surreal. It is a super moon in Gemini, after all.

Attributes of Gemini include intellect, creativity, ingenuity, and communication. If you get ideas, write them down.

Today's Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Chiron turns in direct motion on the fifth of the month. This makes things simpler and better. It also brings more pleasant lessons and more karmic blessings. Pluto is also strong during this period.

It only gets stronger. Uranus is also very strong. Neptune is also strong and will become slightly stronger during the waning Moon. Much more during the next lunar circle.

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Under these circumstances, all magic is strong during the waning moon. It will only become stronger day by day. Meditative techniques will lose a little of their power after the 14 th of the month, but they will remain very strong regardless.

Gemini Horoscope 12222: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

So work your magic in any possible way you want. Wish manifestation, of course, will remain the most promising magic. For the predictions for each zodiac sign click here. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and this very magical waning Moon. Astrological Daily Predictions. Wednesday, October 09 What happens to each and every zodiac sign? Tuesday, October 08